Tap Water, How Toxic Can it Be?

Currently in the United States, tap water contains more than 160 unregulated contaminates. Many of the chemicals are known to cause cancer, harm the brain and nervous system, alter growth and development, cause fertility issues, and hormone disruption. Even regulated chemicals, within the governments legal limits, often exceed what is known to be safe.  To Read More

Pandemic Chemical Disinfectants Create Additional Risks

Over the past five months we have seen a sharp increase in the use of chemical disinfectants to combat the spread of the coronavirus. With this increase it is even more important for us to ask, what are the potential health effects of these chemicals?   Take a look at an article by Ariel Whittenburg, Toxic cleaners Read More

New Documentary Discussing 5G

The new documentary, The 5G Trojan Horse by Derrick Broze, takes a comprehensive look at the massive expansion of the wireless network currently underway with the move to 5G. Whether you are new to the 5G discussion or well versed on the topic. This free video contains an imperative message to all who value their health, the environment, freedom and Read More

More Plants and More Nature, Doctors Orders

Biophilic Design, which is the use of nature or natural elements in our homes and offices, has a big influence on our health and well-being. Researchers continue to uncover the reasons why nature is the missing link when it comes to our optimal health. In our 24/7/365, always-on-call, technology-driven world, spending ample time in nature Read More

Is Cell Phone Radiation Dangerous?

We often hear the response “if cell phone radiation is so dangerous, why am I not hearing about it on the evening news?”  Well, listen to Tucker Carlson as he sets the record straight and explains how “several published studies have linked mobile phone radiation to cancer”.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzbBmIqVwXk&feature=emb_logo As a society we have become so Read More