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2020 Vision

Memories of two-thousand and twenty will be forever scarred by loss and hardship. Although, this enlightening year will also be remembered for the personal and social growth each of us experienced. As we paused the hectic rush of our day to day lives, significant aspects of our society emerged. Shedding light on areas patiently waiting for us to stop and take notice. Where we were once blind, now we can see – 2020 opened our eyes to what actually matters…

True health and genuine human connection.  

Now we stand at an important crossroads. In less than a year we have witnessed what connects us, what propels us and what keeps us fighting for more. We have uncovered the heart and soul of the human condition – from birth, life and health to sickness and death, it is all part of our amazing human experience. Our journey, along with the freedom to think, love, breathe and feel are all essential to what makes us human.

This is the moment we have been waiting for…

It is clear, humanity cannot thrive in a sterilized, anti-social world devoid of handshakes, smiles, hugs, and kisses. Nor can we mask our humanity and wait for problems to go away. We must find the courage to break free from fear and control. To develop a harmonious balance with the natural world.

With destruction comes revival.

As we usher in the new year, be assured we are ready for the adversity that lies ahead. We now know that life will continue to come at us, but we have the strength, willpower and determination to push past the next big headline, the meaningless fads and the onslaught of social pressures.

You are the change.

Let’s reconnect our society through love, kindness, acceptance and respect. This is our chance to regain humanity’s balance and learn what it means to live free – in health and harmony with each other and the natural world. It is time to pursue the extraordinary lives we have only dreamed of. Our moment is now and we cannot afford to waste any more time.

May your new found 2020 vision pave the way to an awareness and abundance that previously stood beyond your reach.

Warmest wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2021 from all of us at Wellness Via Design.

Kristina is a Licensed Interior Designer and Certified Health and Wellness Coach. Her passion and dedication to healthy living and the environment began in college as her own health declined. For her, the toxicity of the air, water, food, electromagnetic radiation, building and consumer products found and consumed in our homes and businesses became evident. Kristina realized these issues play a key role in her health and the declining health of our society. Through years of experience and research Kristina has obtained a wealth of knowledge. As the ‘canary in the coal mine’, Kristina has learned firsthand the importance of putting wellness first when creating a balanced and beautiful environment.

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