Kristina Sleyster, RID, NCIDQ

Kristina is a registered interior designer and certified health and wellness coach. Her passion and dedication to healthy living began in college as her own health declined. As the ‘canary in the coal mine’, Kristina has firsthand experience in evaluating the toxicity of the air, water, food, electromagnetic radiation, building and consumer products found in homes and business. Through extensive, in-depth research she discovered that proper nutrition, ample sleep, consistent exercise, emotional and spiritual wellbeing along with a clean and supportive environment are all essential elements in creating true health and wellness. 

Kristina’s interior design work includes: new construction and renovations of hotels, healthcare facilities, commercial offices, multi-unit residences, model homes, and single-family homes.

My mission to create beautifully healthy homes and lifestyles.

Since adolescence, I have struggled with health issues. By my late twenties the conditions became serious, and it was time to address the concerns. I spent a few years gathering a team of doctors. Each doctor prescribing extensive procedures, pills, injections and creams. While the bills and side-effects mounted, the interventions failed to resolve the original conditions. After a few years, it was clear, the pharmaceutical approach was not working. And my original question, “What is causing this?” continued to go unanswered. I wanted to know the root cause of the illnesses. What was I doing, or not doing to create the problems. I had no interest in living on pills and coping with side-effects. So, I asked each doctor the same question. Interestingly, I received the same answer over and over “we don’t know”. 

Eventually, I realized it was up to me.

After that, I spent two decades exploring and unraveling each symptom. Through extensive, in-depth research and a health and wellness coach certification. Reading every book I can get my hands on, attending classes, conferences and seminars, and consulting with professionals who have knowledge in creating real health and wellness. I discovered that proper nutrition, adequate sleep, plenty of exercise, emotional and spiritual wellbeing along with a clean and supportive environment are all essential elements in creating true health and wellness.

After years of research it was clear, our home was also a big part of the problem.

My research lead to a solid understanding of the health concerns found in modern homes and businesses. While wellness is a consideration in the design industry, through building codes and aspects like color and comfort. Creating true health and wellness goes much deeper. Each and every element must be carefully considered for its impact on the occupants health and wellbeing. 

After identifying the problem, we designed a solution.

It’s time to change the way we think about our health, and the health of our home and lifestyle.

It is time to be well!

Kristina Sleyster, Founder of Wellness Via Design

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