The Healthy Home Blueprint

Our homes should not only be functional and beautiful, they should allow our bodies and minds to thrive. The built environment should enliven and inspire us, as well as provide the rest and renewal we need from the barrage of daily stress.

Healthy Home Blueprint

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Healthy Home Blueprint

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  • What we use section
  • Signs your home may need improvement
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While air pollution in our cities is a serious concern, a more pressing issue is the growing body of scientific evidence indicating that indoor air is often more polluted than the outdoor air in the most-industrialized cities. This is especially alarming considering a large percentage of the population spends 90% of their day indoors. Each day our lungs endure a gauntlet of chemicals, compounds, and environmental toxins from both indoor and outdoor sources.

Water is a precious life-sustaining molecule which makes up 70% of the human body. Yet, clean and pure water is becoming increasingly difficult to find, even in our own homes. Tap water in the United States includes a hearty dose of industrial and agricultural contaminants linked to a multitude of negative health effects.

As lighting technology moves forward, some advancements including fluorescent and LED lights have left us a bit in the dark when it comes to our health. Both fluorescent and LED lighting lack the near-infrared light our eyes need. These bulbs also often operate in the 3500K to 6000K spectrum, a spectrum that is detrimental to our eyes.

Acoustical issues can be difficult to mitigate. This is the reason acoustical engineers exist and spend their professional lives either trying to amplify beautiful music or dampen unwanted noise. 

What we do know is that extensive independent research has shown enough evidence to conclude that bioeffects of EMF’s can, and do occur at low levels. Levels that are well below the federal guidelines. It is important to understand that there is an alarming contrast between the results of studies conducted and funded by the telecommunications industry, versus those by independent researchers.

We have reached a point where toxic chemicals have consumed and infiltrated every part of our environment, including our bodies. Consumer products can contain any number of the over 80,000 chemicals currently used in the United States, most have not been tested for safety.  

When you incorporate Biophilic Design and Feng Shui into your home, it can bring balance and harmony. As part of that, it is vital to keep your energy and the energy of your home positive, healthy and creative. We also recommend spending time in nature soaking up all the beauty it has to offer.