The Healthy Home Blueprint

Our homes should not only be functional and beautiful, they should allow our bodies and minds to thrive. The built environment should enliven and inspire us, as well as provide the rest and renewal we need from the barrage of daily stress.

The Healthy Home Blueprint discusses the health and well-being of the family, and why it should be the central component of the home’s design. Each area of the home should be comfortable, balanced, and healthy. The building materials, furnishings and consumer products used in the home should support the health and welfare of each family member.

Our health and well-being are our most precious assets and should be treated as such. The air we breathe and water we drink should be treated as the important life sustaining source they are.

There are many factors we must take into consideration with wellness design, beginning with the most basic elements of life and expanding into our modern-day comforts and conveniences. Designing for wellness means addressing each area of concern and finding realistic solutions. When we source products for our homes health and safety should come first, before all other factors.

The Healthy Home Blueprint Introduction ebook