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Toxins enter our homes, business and our bodies through the foods and products we bring into our lives. In fact, over 70% of the chronic health conditions we experience today are lifestyle related. The lifestyle you lead including the food you eat, the chemicals you come in contact with, your physical activity, along with the mental and emotional habits you keep, have a big impact in determining your health outcome.


In our society we have an underlying belief that we can ‘buy’ our way out of a problem. If we just add this, install that, or apply a coat of paint over there… Yet, all to often we fail to consider the impact of each purchase and application.

We encourage you to really consider what you bring into your home and life. First, by accepting the bigger the item, the greater the impact. Second, by examining if a natural or simple solution is available. At times a basic solution like opening windows to improve indoor air quality, is all that is necessary to resolve the issue. 


There are a lot of pricey ‘health products’ on the market, including building products, laundry detergents, coffees and more. Honestly, we’ve tried many and very few packaged or commercially produced products have lived up to their hype. When purchasing a product, it is wise to look for reviews and recommendations from real customers. While every experience will be different, consider the positives and negatives others have encountered.

Air Doctor

An affordable air purifier with an ULTRAHEPA filtering system.

The ULTRAHEPA filtering system was developed for use in hospitals. This purifier can remove small particles like VOC’s, bacteria and viruses.

The system sensor detects when air quality is an issue a adjusts as needed. The unit also has a night mode to stay quiet as you sleep. 


The AquaTru reverse osmosis water purifier has excellent independent contaminant removal ratings.

With an under the sink holding tank, we have clean water ready and available. 

AquaTru is available in an under the sink model or counter top models making this product an option for all homes.


VitaClay uses unglazed Zisha clay which activates enzymes and minerals in your foods. Many slow cookers and pressure cookers on the market contain heavy metals including lead and nickel.

The VitaClay cooks food up to 5 times faster than a slow cooker, at low even heat preserving nutrients. 

TriField Gauss Meter

The Trifield meter measures electromagnetic radiation.

Trifield is an affordable and easy to use meter. Humans are electrical beings, which means our bodies react to magnetic fields and radiation. Extensive independent research has shown, bioeffects of EMR’s can and do occur at low levels. Levels well below current government regulation. 

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