Our registered interior designers and certified health and wellness coaches are ready to guide your journey.
Wellness Environment Consultation

Ready for an environment that meets your wellness goals?

The Wellness Environment Consultation addresses concerns and issues in the home or office. We assist in determinizing the root cause of existing issues by discussing testing options, products, and mitigation strategies. If remediation is required, we will guide you in choosing a professional in your area who is skilled and knowledgeable. If a renovation is required we will discuss design options. 

Each consultation includes a 60-minute virtual consultation. After the consultation we will send a recommendations packet including products, testing and mitigation strategies and/or professionals in your area who are skilled in remediation. If a renovation is required we will send a proposal if virtual or in-person design services are available for your area. 

Healthy Environment, Healthy You Coaching

Would you like to create a truly healthy home or office? Not sure where to start?

The Healthy Environment, Healthy You Coaching program allows you the opportunity to create a functional, balanced and healthy environment suited to your needs and lifestyle. 

Our coaching method focuses on changing behaviors and accessing the deep wells of self-knowledge to create real and lasting change. Our coaches listen and assist in uncovering inherent wisdom, creativity and motivations. The coach will gather historical data and concerns, while keeping the focus on future goals and actions that will lead to an optimal outcome. 

During the coaching sessions we will discuss issues and concerns, as we determine the best strategies to move forward. Each week we will make a plan of actionable steps and set realistic goals. 

This package includes 4 – 60-minute virtual coaching sessions. 1 session per week for 4 weeks. A copy of the Healthy Home Blueprint: Introduction ebook. 


Ready for a kitchen that promotes health and wellness?

  • Optimal wellness flow & function
  • Layout for physical challenges
  • Pantry design for ideal nutrition
  • Cabinet & finish selections
  • Healthy large & small appliance selections
  • Healthy dish, kitchenware, pot & pan selections
  • Improve air & water quality
Sleeping Areas

Ready for a deep and restful nights sleep?

  • Optimal bedroom flow & function
  • Furniture and mattresses selections
  • Pillow, drapery and bed linen selections
  • Finish selections
  • Improve air quality 
  • Reduce EMR
Creative & Spiritual Spaces

Ready for your personal flow?

  • Meditation or prayer spaces
  • Art, music, craft or hobby areas
  • Optimal flow & function layouts
  • Furniture & finish selections
  • Organization and storage solutions
  • Equipment placement
  • Improve air quality and reduced EMR
  • Creative solutions for creative needs
Professional or Home Office

Ready for an optimal work environment?

  • Space planning for wellness layouts
  • Visual ascetics to attract clients
  • An atmosphere to retain clients
  • Furniture, finish and equipment specifications
  • Optimal ergonomics
  • Reduce work fatigue
  • Improve air, water, & EMR
  • Organizational solutions
  • Biophilic design to bring in natural elements
Wellness Environment Solutions
We offer virtual and in-person services.
Wellness New Construction

New construction provides a great opportunity to create the wellness space of your dreams. We can prepare design plans and selections for a wellness environment.

Wellness Renovation

A renovation is a fresh start for a tired old building. We can guide the process by preparing plans to clear out old water damage, chemically laden finishes or stagnant energy with healthier new finishes, furnishings and equipment. 

Space Planning

Planning furniture, finishes, color, art and accessories can be difficult with so many health factors to consider. Let us guide the design and layout suited to your needs.

Product Specifications

With so many products and marketing claims, health and wellness products can be a difficult area to navigate. We can guide your search for healthy furniture, finishes, fixtures, appliances, equipment, accessories, cleaning and consumer products. 

Pricing will depend on location and scope of project. Schedule a free initial consultation to learn more.
Areas We Explore

While air pollution in our cities is a serious concern, a more pressing issue is the growing body of scientific evidence indicating that indoor air is often more polluted than the outdoor air in the most-industrialized cities.

Water is a precious life-sustaining molecule which makes up 70% of the human body. Yet, clean and pure water is becoming increasingly difficult to find, even in our own homes. Tap water in the United States includes a hearty dose of industrial and agricultural contaminants linked to a multitude of negative health effects.

As lighting technology moves forward, some advancements including fluorescent and LED lights have left us a bit in the dark when it comes to our health. Both fluorescent and LED lighting lack the near-infrared light our eyes need. These bulbs also often operate in the 3500K to 6000K spectrum, a spectrum that is detrimental to our eyes.

Health conditions including heart disease and high blood pressure can be linked to unhealthy noise levels both at home, and as you go about your daily activities.

When we look at our bodies in terms of electricity, it is easy to see why outside interference can affect our internal systems. Extensive independent research has shown enough evidence to conclude that bioeffects of EMF/EMR can, and do occur at low levels. Levels that are well below the federal guidelines.

We have reached a point where toxic chemicals have consumed and infiltrated every part of our environment, including our bodies. Consumer products can contain any number of the over 80,000 chemicals currently used in the United States, most have not been tested for safety.  

Mold may seem harmless, however it can cause or exasperate a plethora of health conditions. Visible or hidden mold can be the cause of multiple health conditions.

Is your space well designed or poorly designed? Well, it all depends on how you use the space. From the functionality of your kitchen and office to furniture placement. Flow and Function play a key role in the satisfaction of your environment.

Biophilic Design focuses on human exposure to nature and natural elements. Our modern homes and offices, are often lined with artificial lighting, drywall, painted trim, and synthetic carpets. Many of these spaces lack the natural elements needed to maintain our connection with nature.

Concern for the environment has been an element of Feng Shui for millennia. Tao or ‘the way’, means living in harmony with ourselves, each other and the natural world. This philosophy contains a holistic view, connecting not only the heavens and the earth, but also health medicine, food and lifestyle as part of one interconnected system. Creating balance in our environments, living with  intention, and being mindful of our lives, environments, and outcomes creates a greater purpose.  

A well organized space is often the happiest and most productive. When each item has it’s place, and each place has an appropriate item. All other aspects have the ability to fall into place. 

Creating a environment is the first step in the process. Learning how to properly maintain your environment is essential for continued health and wellbeing. 

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