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The Earth will heal when we heal

The Earth will continue to exist and regenerate, with or without humans. Fixing the planet is not required.

What our planet needs is for us to heal and learn from our mistakes. We’re not killing the planet. We are killing ourselves.

It is time to reconnect with the Earth and listen to her lessons. Allow the natural world to heal our bodies, minds, souls and spirits.

Fix you!

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Kristina is a Licensed Interior Designer and Certified Health and Wellness Coach. Her passion and dedication to healthy living and the environment began in college as her own health declined. For her, the toxicity of the air, water, food, electromagnetic radiation, building and consumer products found and consumed in our homes and businesses became evident. Kristina realized these issues play a key role in her health and the declining health of our society. Through years of experience and research Kristina has obtained a wealth of knowledge. As the ‘canary in the coal mine’, Kristina has learned firsthand the importance of putting wellness first when creating a balanced and beautiful environment.

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