How to Design with Cords in Mind

Wireless devices are popular and convenient, however they have draw backs when it comes to our health. Extensive independent research has shown that bioeffects of EMF’s can and do occur at low levels. Levels well below the federal guidelines. This means Wi-Fi routers and wireless devices can cause negative health effects including cancer, hyperactivity, impaired memory, infertility and sleep disorders among other ailments.

So how do we avoid Wi-Fi at home?

In our home we use ethernet cords for computers, tablets and streaming devices which are all plugged into a router. Our home is fully wired, which comes with many benefits including a faster internet speed, more security and better reliability compared to a wireless connection. 

How do you design with cords in mind? 

We tuck and bundle as many as possible in cord channels and guides and paint them to match the décor. For longer cords, we purchase a color that coordinates with each room since they come in a array of colors. We also use baskets and spools to keep the long cords concealed when not in use. This allows us to still use devices while relaxing on the sofa or any where in our home.

From a design stand point, the tidy aesthetic wireless convenience provides is appealing. However, we feel it is important to place a higher value on health. So, we’ve learned to live with a little untidiness when it comes to cords.

A few design Tips:

  1. While long cords are stretched across a room in use, cover the cord with a rug to prevent tripping.
  2. If you would like to connect to a device that does not have a built in ethernet port, you can purchase a USB or mini-USB adaptor. Like this one.
  3. When more than one connection is needed in a room we use a switch to create multiple ports. Like this one.
  4. When the perfect cord size is not available you can create your own by purchasing a network cable crimping tool and plug ends. Trim to the exact length needed for your project. This one is affordable and has worked well for us. Like this one. There are also several website like this one with information on the correct wiring placement. Like this one.

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