We humans love stuff, and lots of it!

There are countless glossy magazines and websites dedicated to interior design and décor. The beautiful images provoke feelings of awe and wonder, and it was those feelings that drew me into the profession. Interior designer’s pride ourselves on the idea that we improve lives through beautiful interiors. With much of this accomplished through product selections Read More

Pandemic Chemical Disinfectants Create Additional Risks

Over the past five months we have seen a sharp increase in the use of chemical disinfectants to combat the spread of the coronavirus. With this increase it is even more important for us to ask, what are the potential health effects of these chemicals?   Take a look at an article by Ariel Whittenburg, Toxic cleaners Read More

The Effects of Biophilic Design & Forest Bathing 

Ever wish you could bottle that relaxed and recharged feeling you have after a vacation or camping trip in nature? Taking the time to connect with nature is an important aspect of our health and well-being. Take, for example, a zoo. Zoologists realized that animals which have been confined to concrete cages with little access Read More

Healthy Home for the Holidays

Every year the holidays bring lights, decorations, gifts, and cheer. However, some of the most enjoyable aspects of the holidays can also bring lead, PVC and pesticides. But no fear, we have five ways to keep your holidays healthy and your family thriving! Holiday Lights:  I love holiday lights beautifully strung with care. The part Read More