We humans love stuff, and lots of it!

There are countless glossy magazines and websites dedicated to interior design and décor. The beautiful images provoke feelings of awe and wonder, and it was those feelings that drew me into the profession. Interior designer’s pride ourselves on the idea that we improve lives through beautiful interiors. With much of this accomplished through product selections of furniture, finishes, appliances and décor.

However, it took me many years to fully understand how health conditions commonly experienced in the western world stem from our love of stuff. Toxins enter our homes, business and yes, our bodies through the foods and products we bring into our lives. In fact, over 70% of the chronic health conditions we experience today are lifestyle related. The lifestyle you lead including the food you eat, the chemicals you come in contact with, your physical activity, along with the mental and emotional habits you keep, have a big impact in determining your health outcome.

In our society we have an underlying belief that we can ‘buy’ our way out of a problem. If we just add this, install that, or apply a coat of paint over there… Yet, all to often we fail to consider the impact of each purchase and application.

We encourage you to really consider what you bring into your home and life. First, by accepting the bigger the item, the greater the impact. Second, by examining if a natural or simple solution is available. Often a basic solution like opening windows to improve indoor air quality, is all that is necessary to resolve the issue. If opening windows is not a viable solution, then adding an air purifier may be beneficial.

When purchasing a product, it is wise to look for reviews and recommendations. While every experience will be different, it helps to consider the positives and negatives others have encountered.

In our family we hold off on purchasing new products until we really need them. We repair as much as we can and just do without when feasible. With current product and supply shortages, this practice may become more common. But, living with less can be a relief. Every product or gadget we acquire is more stuff to clean, program, and repair.

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