At Wellness Via Design we are  passionate about health, wellness, and knowledge. This is because our physical health, emotional well-being, and intellectual knowledge, whether it is from intuition, education or observation are truly our most precious assets.   

When I founded Wellness Via Design it seemed simple. We all place immense value on our health and well-being, and surely everyone must understand just how toxic our environment has become, right? The problem is that, with our busy lives in this 24/7/365 world, few people have time to stop and truly grasp the health implications of our current environment, even the conditions present in our own homes.  

Yet, study after study shows us that the health of our population is rapidly declining:

 As our society struggles with autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), depression, anxiety, mood disorders, asthma and allergies, eczema, obesity, food allergies, diabetes along with a staggering number of autoimmune disorders and cancers – it is no wonder we are all too busy to stop to grasp the full health implications of our current environment.

At Wellness Via Design we are continuously researching and analyzing the data to determine how to create a truly healthy and balanced home. Because a home is more than a pretty space to live, ‘home’ is a feeling. A feeling that begins with our personal health and well-being.

It is time to be well!

Wellness Via Design – Founder, Kristina Sleyster

Health conditions that can be a result of or exasperated by a negative environment inside the home.

"A healthy man has many wishes, a sick man only one." Indian proverb