30 Day Home Detox

We are currently updating the 30 Day Home Detox.

The second edition will be available in mid October.

The 30 Day Home Detox is for families and individuals ready to begin their healthy home journey!

While in my 20’s and 30’s I struggled with numerous health issues. For years, I visited medical doctor after doctor, with no answers to my question, “what is causing this?” Instead they prescribed copious amounts of pills, injections and creams. Each leading to side effects and ultimately made me feel worse.

Eventually, I realized it was up to me.

I’ve spent almost two decades exploring and unraveling each issue. Through extensive, in depth research and a Health & Wellness Coach Certification. I read every book I could get my hands on, attended classes, conferences and seminars, and followed every professional with knowledge inĀ  creating real health and wellness. I found doctors who understood the intrinsic knowledge that health comes from nutrition, exercise and lifestyle, not from a bottle.

Throughout this process I realized my family needed more than a healthy diet and exercise, we needed a healthy home and a wellness lifestyle. A lifestyle sustainably balanced between modern comforts and healthy habits.

As a licensed interior designer, it seemed silly I didn’t understand the true effect my home had on my health.

As with many industries, our education was a general approach to design with a heavy focus on products. Wellness was a consideration, through building codes and aspects like colors and comfort . But, we didn’t carefully consider each and every element and how it could impact our health and wellbeing. Yet, after years of research it was clear, our home was a big part of the problem.

After identifying the problem, we created a solution.

From my 18 year wellness journey, the 30 Day Home Detox Course was born.

True health and wellness does not come from a one-size-fits-all approach.

We are all unique beings, which means each healthy home will look and feel different.

In order to thrive we must find and follow our own path.

Once we except some compromises will be part of the journey, that's when it gets really exciting.

Get in touch with your creative side as you explore elements that truly resonate with you.

To change the world, we must start at home.