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My Mission to Create Beautifully Healthy Homes

While in my 20’s and 30’s, I struggled with several health conditions. For years, I visited medical doctor after doctor, with no answer to my question, “What is causing this?” I wanted to know  the root cause of the illness. What was I doing, or not doing to create the issue. Instead of discovering the root cause, doctors prescribed extensive procedures, pills, injections and creams to ‘deal’ with the symptoms. Each intervention created a new side effect, but failed to resolve the issue.

Eventually, I realized it was up to me.

Through extensive, in depth research and a health and wellness coach certification. I’ve spent almost two decades exploring and unraveling each issue. I read every book I can get my hands on, attend classes, conferences and seminars, and follow every professional with knowledge in creating real health and wellness. I discovered that proper nutrition, plenty of exercise, emotional and spiritual wellbeing along with a clean and supportive environment are all essential elements in creating true health and wellness.

After years of research it was clear, our home was a big part of the problem.

My research lead to a solid understanding of the health concerns found in modern homes. While wellness is a consideration in the interior design industry, through building codes and aspects like color and comfort. Creating true health and wellness inside of a home goes much deeper. Each and every element must be carefully considered for its impact on health and wellbeing. 

After identifying the problem, we created a solution.

From my 18 year wellness journey, the 30 Day Home Detox Course was born.

It is time to be well! ~ Kristina Sleyster, Founder of Wellness Via Design

With our affordable self-paced courses you control the journey.

Go a la carte and take one course or go all in with the 30 Day Home Detox Package which includes all four courses PLUS one-on-one coaching!

Begin your wellness journey today!

Start off on the right foot with the FREE Positive Change Course.

Learn how to implement real and meaningful change.

Lesson 1: Care for Your Body 

Your mode of transportation 

Lesson 2: Listen to Your Heart 

Take charge and trust your intuition

Lesson 3: Broaden Your Mind 

Keep an open mind and never stop learning 

Lesson 4: Define Your Journey 

Seek you…

Lesson 5: Find Your Happy Place 

Be positive, creative and grateful 

30 Day Home Detox Courses

Week 1

Declutter: Make space for new energy to flow

Keep what you love and need, let go of what no longer serves you. Declutter and lighten your space to allow new energy to flow. In this course we guide the declutter process, including tips to deal with items you’re not sure how to let go.

This Course Includes: 

Declutter tips for your entry, living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom and laundry area.
25 Lessons
10 Instructional videos 
8 Worksheets to guide you through the process
Estimated course time 45 minutes
Estimated work time: 1 to 3 hours.

Is clutter weighting you down?

Keep: Items you love and need. 
Remove: Excess stuff, things and knickknacks. 

Keep what you love and need, let go of what no longer serves you.

Week 2

Detoxify Your Home: Thrive in a truly healthy home

A clean home is a healthy home, but clean takes on a new meaning in the modern world. In this course, we will discuss methods to detoxify your home’s air and water, how to reduce electromagnetic radiation as well as how to identify chemicals of concern in building, furnishing, personal and cleaning products.

This course includes:

33 Lessons
10 Instructional Videos
5 Workbooks to Guide you Through the Detox Process
The Healthy Home Blueprint ebook
Wellness Choice Products Booklet
Wellness Natural Recipes Booklet
Additional Research & Resources 
Estimated course time: 2 hours
Estimated work time: 3 to 7 hours

Learn what is lurking in your home.

Air Quality: simple tips to improve indoor air quality, along with product recommendations.
Water Quality: product recommendations to keep the water in your home clean and healthy. 
Electromagnetic Radiation: simple tips and products to keep your family healthy.
Products: product recommendations and tips for healthier furniture, finishes, décor, bedding, dishes, pots & pans, cleaning & personal products.

Detoxify your home's air quality, water quality, EMR and consumer products for a cleaner, healthier you.

Week 3

Flow & Function: Make your home work for you

Is your home working as hard for your family, as your family is working for it? Learn how to create a functional, well organized home with defined areas for a seamless flow. Follow our seven step process to create the flow, function and organization your home has been longing for.

This course includes:

22 Lessons
8 Instructional videos
5 Workbooks to guide your process
The Healthy Home Blueprint ebook
Measure Your Space Guide
Estimated course time: 1 hour & 15 minutes
Estimated work time: 2 to 6 hours

Make your home work for you.

Function: Functionality of the space 
Organization: Keeping things under control 
Flow: Movement in the space 
Lighting: Optimal lighting solutions
Acoustics: Create a pleasing environment through sound or acoustic dampening

Week 4

Your Happy Place: Vacation at home everyday!

We packed the Your Happy Place course full of transformative content to make your home feel like your favorite vaction spot. With this course learn how to ditch the trends once and for all and how to incoporate elements of Biophilic Design and Feng Shui. Fill your home with natural elements and wonderful energy.

This course includes:

33 Lessons
8 Instructional Videos
6 Area Visualizations
7 Workbooks to Guide your Process
The Healthy Home Blueprint ebook
Estimated course time 1 hour & 45 minutes
Estimated work time: 2 to 6 hours

Is your home is a place of rest and renewal?

Ditch the Trends: Create a space where YOU decide what makes you happy
Feng Shui: Tips and concepts to live in balance and harmony 
Biophilic Design: Bring the healing aspects of nature into your home including the benefits of crystals and natural elements
Color Psychology: How to chose colors that are right for you. 

Create the feeling and energy of your favorite vacation spot at home.

If your schedule does not allow for a 30 day program. Change weeks to months for a 4 month option.

Full Course Access + Personalized Coaching

Get the support you need to create a truly healthy home.
30 Day Home Detox Package
  • Declutter Course
  • Detoxify Your Home
  • Flow & Function Course
  • Your Happy Place Course
  • Measure Your Space Guide
  • The Healthy Home Blueprint ebook
  • Wellness Natural Recipes Booklet
  • Wellness Choice Products Booklet
  • Additional Recommendations & Resources
  • 4 - 40 Minute Personal Virtual Coaching Sessions
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To change the world, we must start at home.


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