Pandemic Chemical Disinfectants Create Additional Risks

Over the past five months we have seen a sharp increase in the use of chemical disinfectants to combat the spread of the coronavirus. With this increase it is even more important for us to ask, what are the potential health effects of these chemicals?  

Take a look at an article by Ariel Whittenburg, Toxic cleaners pose new risks as schools reopen. The article discusses many concerns in regards to disinfectants and the chemicals they contain. Americans spend 90% of their time indoors in energy efficient homes, schools and office buildings with limited air flow. This makes all of us, especially growing children, susceptible to the negative health effects from these chemicals.

You always want to be balancing risks and benefits, and you want to be using the safest products possible in the safest way possible.”  Mark Miller, Children’s Environmental Health Program at California’s Environmental Protection Agency 

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