New Year, New Direction

We rely on our homes to be a safe and secure refuge, a place to hold items of importance and value, as well as a gathering space for family and friends. Over the past year we have experienced an increase in pressure from the outside world and our homes have become an important sanctuary.

For some, home is now the only place they feel relaxed, safe and comfortable. Our new dependence on home has deepened our connection to this space. Which is why it is more important than ever to evaluate this refuge and how it impacts our health, our wellbeing and our lives.

Join Wellness Via Design as we give new meaning to the phrase ‘the perfect home’. It is time to ditch the here today, gone tomorrow trends and the glossy magazine furniture that may never fit within the budget. Instead we encourage you to appreciate and cultivate the quarks and character of your home and life. 

With intentional design, every item in your home will hold a place of purpose, value and meaning. By feeling grateful for every facet of your life: the big, the little, the good, the bad and the ugly – especially the ugly, because without the ugly, the sweetness of the good would bare little meaning. You will begin to fill your home and your life with the people and items that inspire and bring you joy.

Each of us hold the key to happiness, and all it takes is one turn to fall in love with your life. Join our journey as we clear away the outdated expectations of ‘perfect’. Together, lets embrace our quirky lives and all of the charm that comes with them. Follow us at or on MeWe, Facebook, Gab, Telegram, LinkedIn, Houzz, and Pinterest.

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