Wellness Via Design, supports and guides each client as they create their own healthy and balanced home.


With our affordable self-paced courses you control your journey.

The 30 Day Home Detox Series is for everyone ready to create a healthy home and lifestyle. The courses will cover: why it is important to declutter and detoxify your home of chemicals and toxic elements, how to improve your home’s flow and function and how to create your happy place which feels like you are vacationing at home everyday.

Go a la carte and take one course or go all in with the 30 Day Home Detox Package which includes all five courses PLUS one-on-one coaching!

The 30 Day Home Detox Courses will change the way you think and feel about your home!


Wellness Design Consultations

Virtual consultations are an affordable way to obtain valuable healthy home direction. Wellness design consultations address concerns you may have with your home and lifestyle. We will guide you through remedies and help you determine which products or specialists are appropriate to your situation. After each consultation we will send you an outline of recommendations.


What is Wellness Design Coaching?

Wellness coaching is a partnership between coach and client that is focused on self-knowledge, andragogy (adult learning) and goal setting. The coaching relationship is focused on changing behaviors and accessing the deep wells of self-knowledge within every human being to create real and lasting change. Coaches listen to clients and assist them in uncovering their inherent wisdom, creativity and unrealized motivations. In a coaching relationship, the coach gathers historical data and client concerns, while keeping the focus on future goals and actions that will lead each client to their dream outcome. 

The coaching method of design allows each client the opportunity to create a functional, balanced and healthy space truly suited to their lifestyle. 

Trends come and go, but truly healthy living has a profound and lasting impact.


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