At Wellness Via Design, we are on a mission to create beautifully healthy homes and lifestyles.

We are interior designers and health coaches with a passion for healthy living. We’ve spent over a decade researching and discovering how the toxicity of the air, water, food, electromagnetic radiation, building and consumer products found in our homes and businesses are contributing to the declining health of our society. Our wellness exploration has taken us on quite a journey as we have uncovered root causes of discomfort, distress and dissatisfaction that exist in our modern homes and lifestyles.

Journey with us a we unearth true health and wellness. 

The Healthy Home Blueprint discusses the health and well-being of the family, and why it should be the central component of the home’s design. Each area of the home should be comfortable, balanced, and healthy. The building materials, furnishings and consumer products used in the home should support the health and well-being of each family member.

Our health and well-being are our most precious assets and should be treated as such. The air we breathe and water we drink should be treated as the important life sustaining source they are.

At Wellness Via Design we are  passionate about health, wellness, and knowledge. This is because our physical health, emotional well-being, and intellectual knowledge, whether it is from intuition, education or observation are truly our most precious assets.  

When I founded Wellness Via Design it seemed simple. We all place immense value on our health and well-being, and surely everyone must understand just how toxic our environment has become, right? The problem is that, with our busy lives in this 24/7/365 world, few people have time to stop and truly grasp the health implications of our current environment, even the conditions present in our own homes.  Read More

Unearth Your Blueprint to Thrive

Don't just survive in a toxic home.
Thrive with a truly healthy home and lifestyle!
To uncover or bring to light
A detailed outline or plan of action.
To prosper; flourish; to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances.
The quality or state of being healthy in body, mind, and soul.