Trends come and go, but truly healthy living has a profound and lasting impact.

Healthy Home, Healthy You Coaching & Consultations
Healthy Home, Healthy You Coaching

Our coaching sessions discuss issues and concerns, as our clients explore the best healthy home and lifestyle strategies suited to their needs. In each coaching relationship, the coach gathers historical data and client concerns, while keeping the focus on future goals and actions that will lead to a healthy and sustainable outcome. 

Healthy Home, Healthy You Consultations

Our virtual consultations provide valuable healthy home and lifestyle direction. Each consultation evaluates home, health and lifestyle issues and concerns. We guide each client as they explore strategies, products and specialists appropriate to their situation. 

Wellness Design Services
Healthy New Home

A new home is a great opportunity to create the healthy home of your dreams. We can prepare design plans and selections for a healthy new home.

Healthy Renovation

A home renovation is a fresh start for a tired home. We can guide your process by preparing plans to clear out old water damage, chemically laden finishes or stagnant energy with healthier new finishes.

Space Planning

Planning furniture, finishes, color, art and accessories can be difficult with so many health factors to consider. Let us guide the design and layout suited to your health needs.

Product Specifications

With so many ‘health’ products and marketing claims, this can be  a difficult area to navigate. We can guide your search for healthy furniture, finishes, fixtures, accessories, cleaning and consumer products. 

We support each client as they create their own healthy and balanced home.
Areas We Explore

We support each client as they create their own healthy and balanced home.

Who We Are

At Wellness Via Design, we are registered interior designers and certified health and wellness coaches on a mission to unearth authentic health and wellness. Our wellness design method supports each client as they create a balanced and harmonious home suited to their needs and lifestyle.  Learn more

"Our homes should not only be functional and beautiful, they should allow our bodies and minds to thrive." - The Healthy Home Blueprint
Unearth Your Blueprint to Thrive


To uncover or bring to light.


A detailed outline or plan of action.


To prosper; flourish; to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances.


The quality or state of being healthy in body, mind, and soul.

Don't just survive in a toxic home.

Thrive with a truly healthy home and lifestyle!