Within Our Means

As an interior designer I am asked, “what design style is your home?” I would characterize my home as eclectic, not because I don’t have a design style preference. Rather, I have learned to appreciate and work with what is, instead of trying to morph my space and my budget into something it is not. A few years ago we purchased an older home with a Mediterranean style. This was quite a change from our newly built contemporary home. Now with Mediterranean architecture with a mix of contemporary furnishings, we have a bit of an eclectic mishmash.

However, over the years, I have grown to love our eclectic mishmash. It represents us, our personalities and our cumulative lives so well. Our home is filled with modest furniture, family pictures and heirlooms, a collection of items from our travels, mixed with a few store bought decorations. However, it is not until you spend a little time in our space, that you sense how it all comes together. We often hear, “It feels good in here, it feels like home”. Because, instead of trying to create an interior design master piece, we focus on living in a healthy and happy home.

After more than 40 trips around the sun, we’ve collected a lot of stuff. In order to keep a handle on clutter, not all items continue to make the cut. The items we choose to keep hold value and meaning. This niche holds a picture I painted with my son on Mother’s Day, a butterfly floral pin from a dear friend’s wedding, a cactus that reminds me our life in the desert, a vase my mother gifted me, and a stick my son collected. Every item in this image holds memories and meaning.

Design Tip: When creating a vignette: group items with similar characteristics. This niche includes coordinating colors, a natural theme, and irregular lines.

Inspiration comes to us through many avenues. However, our human connections and our connection to nature tend to have the greatest impact. As we bring items in our home, they should hold a place of value, purpose or meaning. When items are cherished they fill our homes with inspiration, love and joy.

Each of us hold the key to happiness, and all it takes is one turn to fall in love with your life. Join our journey as we clear away the outdated expectations of ‘perfect’. Together, lets embrace our quirky lives and all of the charm that comes with them. Follow us at www.wellnessviadesign.com or on MeWe, Facebook, Gab, Telegram, LinkedIn, Houzz, and Pinterest.

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