Positive Change Series

Embody the change you wish to see

Implement real and meaningful change.​ The Positive Change series includes 20 thought-provoking topics to get your transformation juices flowing.

Lesson 1: Care For Your Body - Your Mode of Transportation

Care For Your Body Worksheets


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Lesson 2: Listen To Your Heart - Take Charge and Trust Your Intuition

Premiers March 5, 2024

Lesson 3: Broaden Your Mind - Keep an Open Mind and Never Stop Learning

Premiers March 7, 2024

Lesson 4: Define Your Journey - Seek You...

Premiers March 12, 2024

Lesson 5: Find Your Happy Place - Be Positive, Creative and Grateful

Premiers March 14, 2024

Bonus Meditation Videos

10 Minute morning meditation

20 minute music meditation

40+ References and Resources to Continue Your Journey

Positive Change Series Resources


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