Is Cell Phone Radiation Dangerous?

We often hear the response “if cell phone radiation is so dangerous, why am I not hearing about it on the evening news?” 

Well, listen to Tucker Carlson as he sets the record straight and explains how “several published studies have linked mobile phone radiation to cancer”. 

As a society we have become so addicted to the convenience and connection a cell phone and wireless technology provides, it can be easy to dismiss troublesome or inconvenient information. However, a large volume of independent studies point to wireless radiation as a link to cancer and many other health conditions, including DNA damage, headaches, tingling, dizziness, brain fog, infertility, ADHD and insomnia. 

It is important to understand that cell phone radiation is not the only harmful source of wireless radiation. Many other devices operate using a similar signal, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, smart devices, smart appliances, cell towers… and the list continues to grow in our technology-driven world. Yet, the World Health Organization (WHO) classifies cell phone radiation as “Class 2B Carcinogens – possibly carcinogenic to humans”. While hundreds of scientists from all over the world firmly believe wireless or non-ionizing radiation is clearly carcinogenic to humans. 

As the world ramps up for 5G and the introduction of small cells or small locally mounted cell repeaters, this technology could be placed only feet from your home or bedroom. While having good cell reception in your home is convenient, it is not good for your health. Our bodies use electrical signals called synapsis to send information through our nervous system to our brains. This process can be disrupted by external signals from wireless devices. The most important time for our bodies to rest from wireless radiation is at night. During a restful night’s sleep, our bodies detoxify and regenerate from the stress of our daily lives. It is important to get a good night’s sleep to perform at our best and to keep our bodies and minds healthy. 

So, what is the best solution? It is a good idea to limit your use of technology by turning off all wireless signals including Wi-Fi when not in use, especially at night. If you must carry your cell phone on your body keep it in airplane mode or put your phone in a thoroughly tested Faraday style pouch. 

Our use and reliance on technology does not have to go away, we just need to employ safe and sensible practices. And if you begin experiencing health issues it is a good idea to consider if your exposure to wireless radiation could be a hidden culprit.  

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