An Important Lesson We Can Learn From the COVID-19 Pandemic

I believe the most important lesson we can take away from this experience is that our health and the health of those we love is our most precious asset. Without our health we cannot support our families or experience the full richness life has to offer. Our fast-paced ‘normal’ lives are full of distractions, most of them leading us away from what should be our main focus – optimal health and wellness.  Creating a healthy body, mind and spirit should be our first priority, always.

I spent a large portion of my life unable to function ‘normally’ and far from optimally. With a plethora of symptoms, I went to doctor after doctor, tried pill after pill, only to realize none of it was helping. Then I took my health into my own hands, reading book after book and study after study. Which lead me to doctors who are able to treat the root cause of disease. What an amazing difference it has made.

As a result, my family lives a bit different than the ‘typical’ western family. Our food, home and lifestyle focus around health, wellness and safety. Our goal is to function optimally, and let me tell you it can be quite a task in a fast-paced world of convenience. Our lifestyle requires time and effort, and it is worth every second!

Our society too easily accepts the idea that we can take a pill to make the pain or problem go away. But what if we change that focus to – what can I do today to make sure I won’t need that pill later? What can I do today to make sure I do not overwhelm a hospital during a pandemic?

Our family has spent years building up our health, resistance, and the tools necessary to keep our bodies and minds strong. This along with the knowledge that life or the next phase after will come at us whether we are ready or not. We can take steps to prevent our demise, but that endeavor should not take away from the joy of life or our reasons for living.

I hope optimal health and the ability to except the inevitability of life and all the wonder that experience has to offer are the lessons we can all take away from this experience.

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