2020 What a Ride it Has Been

Well, all I can say is that 2020 has been quite the life altering year. At Wellness Via Design our year started out like many other small businesses with big goals and lofty dreams. However, when the lockdown arrived in March and schools closed, everything changed. Business as usual turned into; there is no way to manage it all.

Like many families the struggle was real, and it became clear I must let go of old roles to allow for new. After navigating a restructuring of the company and a crash course in homeschooling. I decided to put Wellness Via Design on hold. I headed back to school to purse my goal of becoming a Certified Health & Wellness Coach. Growing and learning is a journey (which feels like the theme for 2020) so I decided to use this opportunity to gain additional skills and knowledge, along with a new perspective.

Now, I am looking forward to sharing my wellness journey with all of you. Soon we will be rolling out new wellness coaching services focused on creating a truly healthy home and lifestyle. We will also feature new content including a Wellness News page, along with monthly product and book recommendations.

Stay tuned, we have a lot in store and our adventure is just getting started. 

Wellness Designer & Founder

Kristina Sleyster

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