Inspiration of the Week:


Always remember, everything you bring into your home will affect the quality of your indoor air.
A little light reading material to stimulate the intellect.
Use the Precautionary Principle
If you are not sure if a chemical or product is toxic avoid it. Be safe, not sorry.
When burned, beeswax actually has the ability to clean indoor air,
rather than pollute it.​ Paraffin candles, or the candles commonly found in retail stores, release highly toxic benzene and toluene when burned. Instead of paraffin, look for candles made with pure beeswax.
At night it is particularly important to avoid blue light.
Blue light can easily interrupt your circadian rhythm and the production of melatonin. Electronics including hand-held devices, TV’s, computers, cell phones and video games are big blue light offenders. These devices should be turned off or put into night mode at least 1 hour before bed. Instead of using your electric device, try picking up a good book. Take time to enjoy the feel of the paper between your fingers and the sound of turning pages. Your eyes and intellect will thank you!
Plants make a great addition to any home.
They provide a natural element and have the ability to clean indoor air. One of my favorites is the snake plant. Not only is this plant attractive, it’s easy to care for and can tolerate low-light areas of the home, like bedrooms. Snake plants will even survive a forgetful plant owner, who neglects to water for weeks at a time. The snake plant is also a champ at removing formaldehyde and benzene, two toxins frequently found in modern homes.
Dedicate a space in your home,
to allow your creativity to play. Then let your hair down and rock on my friends!
Ditch the fly by night trends,
follow your senses and fill your home with beauty, memories and aspirations for the future.
By gaining knowledge,
We take back our power and loose our fear.
Imagine what we could accomplish,
if everyone worked together for the good of humanity.

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